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Blogger is journalist of the year

Medium, a media magazine in Germany, just named a blogger, Stefan Niggemeier, as journalist — yes, journalist — of the year because of BildBlog, which follows, criticizes, and dogs the huge tabloid newspaper in Germany, Bild. Just to give you a flavor that translates easily, here’s a post about a picture that ran in Bild, supposedly of a Turkish prison cell, when readers noticed the similarity to a picture of a cell at Alcatraz — note that moment of networked media criticism. I don’t know enough about the German media society, but I suspect this award could be as much about antipathy toward Bild as admiration of BildBlog. And I suppose this could only fuel the fires of blogs-v-MSM (which I keep trying to douse). Still, I think it’s a positive sign that a blogger is recognized not only as a journalist but as the journalist of the year. (via Martin Stabe)

News innovation in Germany

Via Martin Stabe: Die Welt in Germany went web-first and pageviews are up 40 percent in a month. The new site, launched in February, includes regular TV news reports from Die Welt, podcasts, blogs, a generous list of recommended outside blogs, and links to competitors; one can subscribe to anything via RSS and comment on all articles.

And here, the head of Welt publisher Springer Verlag, Mathias Döpfner, says (if I’m translating correctly): “Editorial quality will be the crucial. The digital transformation gives us completely new opportunities to invest in editorial content.” Now that’s the wise strategic view.