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Trademarks for Dummies

Trademark attorney Marty Schwimmer offers advice to the fool who slapped Jason Calacanis’ wrist for using the English words “for dummies” without legal footnotes:

In the era of the blogosphere where lawyers letters get posted and linked to, some trademark owners may be trading the possibility of [trademark] dilution for the reality of tarnishment.

Forest, meet tress.

Dummies For Dummies

Well the dork-of-the-day title surely goes to the fool who sent Jason Calacanis an email saying that he shouldn’t use “For Dummies” in a headline without giving credit to a certain book company I’ll not bother to name.

Well, if we don’t all have the courage to stand up in solidarity with the Danish publishers of the Mohammed cartoons, we can at least stand in solidarity with Jason.

How many of us can write posts headlined “For Dummies”? When you do, please tag it, as I have, above.