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bin Laden, dead at last

This blog began out of 9/11. I survived the attacks on the World Trade Center, and after reporting on the event I had more to say, more to remember and understand. So I started this blog, which at first was called “WarLog: World War III.” Such was the time.

Tonight, with the news of bin Laden’s death, memories are revived in me, vile images and horrible memories of that day and his crime, sadness that tempers the joy. But I will try not to dwell on his act. Instead, this is a time to keep his victims in our thoughts.

As soon as I saw the news, I turned by reflex to Twitter. Twitter is our Times Square on this victory day. A reporter asked me tonight whether this would be a defining moment for Twitter. Another one, I said. Today, our grand shared experience around news is no longer defined as all of us watching TV. Now, TV is in the background. Twitter is where many of us come to find out the news and share our thoughts and feelings.

Just as it was too soon days after 9/11 to understand my feelings, I need to wait after this event to take it in. But I hope this: As 9/11 gave us perspective and unity, so do I hope this event reminds us of our priorities, driving the inanity of the birthers and brawlers off our front pages and news shows so we get back to the precious work of a free society.

This is the season of freedom, its spring. The dictators and terrorists who have held the Middle East and the world in their filthy grip are being defeated. Freedom is rising in the Middle East thanks not to warriors from either side but to brave youth and citizens.

I wish I were at the World Trade Center right now. I would drive there now, after midnight, but I need to take my daughter to school in the morning. And that reminds me of the night of September 11, 2001, when I was blessed to come home to my family, my children. That set my own priorities. So I will celebrate this news by being with our daughter in the morning. Then I will go to New York. I will go there to pay respect first, celebrate second.

I needed to come back to this blog tonight to thank it and you for helping me through the aftermath of 9/11 and for giving me so much more. I need to go to bed now. Good night.

: (Here is the story I reported that day and here are my audio recollections.)