Mojo videos

Here are my mojo videos referred to in the Media Guardian column:

David Cameron on talking to small vs. big cameras at Davos 2008:

Former White House aide David Gergen boogies at the 2008 Google Davos party:

Henry Kissinger records a YouTube video at the Davos Conversation booth. (The PC’s video camera broke twice, so YouTube put up this video as Kissinger’s response):

A demonstration of the Flip Video for Kai Diekmann, editor of German’s Bild newspaper (using the Flip):

A demonstration of the tongue sucker designed by four designers from the Royal Academy of Art in London after the 7/87 bombings to update the standard first-aid kit:

I couldn’t resist shooting and sharing the amazing automated self-cleaning Davos toilet seat:

Robert Scoble, video blogger, was broadcasting live from Davos via his Nokia phone:

From Davos 2007, YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley announces for the first time that the company would share revenue with video producers. (Shot with a consumer video camera, not the phone.)