Merry Christmas, Hillary Clinton

I want to say Merry Christmas to Hillary Clinton.

I am grateful to you for running a campaign on principle, patriotism, decency, honesty, intelligence, optimism, maturity, experience, care, and civility.

I am grateful to you for suffering such abuse from so many quarters for so many years and always coming back fighting — for us. You did it for us.

I cannot imagine the disappointment and, yes, anger and you must feel.

I fear that you might think you disappointed us. But we disappointed you. I wish I had knocked that many more doors in Pennsylvania. I wish I could have been that much more persuasive here, in so-called social media. I wish we could have won it for you.

In any case, I am grateful to you for giving me a gift before Christmas. You gave me my sense of citizenship back. I was a journalist and that separated me from the public we want to serve. In your campaign, I found an urgency, a reason to care, an opportunity to meet and listen to my fellow citizens, and, yes, a cause.

I want to live in your America, in your world. That, tragically, is not where we are now. We will have to learn new skills: how to resist unjust rule, how to protect those who need protection, how to make the unaccountable accountable.

It would be too much to ask you to keep fighting; you have been made to fight for too long. But we do still need your guidance, your leadership, and will be grateful when you can give it.

In the meantime, I pray you enjoy your family, especially your grandchildren, and can begin to see a future through their eyes. I want you to know how much respect, affection, and gratitude I — and I have no doubt millions more — have for you.

So thank you, Madame Secretary. Merry Christmas, Hillary. God bless.


  • mmpaca

    Thank you Jeff for giving expression to what many will be thinking today.

    BTW my personal Xmas wishes to you and yours. I’ll look forward to hearing you sounding off on TWIG in 2017

  • George Pabis

    Words from the heart of a thoughtful person who really wants the U.S. to a better place. Keep to your ideals, Jeff, and remind us of them constantly in the coming year. Your courage is an inspiration.

  • prdtsa

    In all honesty though… The allegedly greatest democracy in the world proposes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the presidency. There’s either something profoundly wrong with your political system or something profoundly wrong with a society which allows something like this to happen. Good luck having a lifr

  • ModernDayNomad

    Really ?? “…running a campaign on principle, patriotism, decency, honesty, intelligence, optimism, maturity, experience, care, and civility.” ??? You really think like this ? Especially after what happened to Bernie Sanders ? If you do, you are bigger fool that I took you for and good riddance to you and people who think like you.

  • Darryl Hannon

    So, by elimination, her opponent was unprincipled, unpatriotic, indecent, dishonest, stupid, pessimistic, immature, inexperienced, uncaring, uncivil. My, my. So much negativity. Will wonders never cease?

  • macguy59

    I should have stayed on TWIG. But since I’m here, I hope you and your family have a great 2017

  • TBM

    Yes, Thanks to Hilary for showing the world what lengths a really crooked person will go to in order to be elected President. Benghazi, servers, lies, dishonesty, and I could go on but I won’t. I thought that perhaps Jeff had more sense than to buy into Hillary’s crap, but his idealism apparently knows no bounds, so apparently neither does his judgement.

    • Marks2much

      I agree. Where is Jeff’s judgement? What about Hillary’s take on Libya? “We came, we saw, he died.” Where’s her empathy? Or Victoria Nuland’s efforts to foment the overthrow of Yanukvych, as a member of the State Department? I don’t care about Hillary’s “impressive” qualifications. She would have gotten Nato immediately into war with Russia.

      This is why readers are put off of the MSM. Journalists like Jeff are in a bubble. I wouldn’t be surprised if he believes the government’s take on what happened on 9/11. He needs to spend more time reading alternative website journalism. Democracy Now, Zero Hedge, John Pilger, Truthout, AlterNet, hell, even Veterans Today.

      Jeff makes a great case for trying to understand the overlooked and disenfranchised in this country. Now I’m making one for him to start examining alternative perspectives on the stories he covers. Otherwise he’s just going to remain another unconvincing writer, albeit a good one, for the corporate media.

      BTW: I didn’t vote for Trump, either.

    • Andrew Smith

      Same again here, including reply from Marks2much. I really have had a lot of respect for Jeff and his efforts re the quality and future of journalism, but this Hilary thing of his has had me a bit concerned.

  • jimak

    She has hot sauce in her purse.

  • sam nathan

    Bill and Hillary have achieved wealth and power by snuggling up to the rich and powerful. I voted for her, but only while holding my nose. We on the left deserve better than “At least she’s better than Donald Trump.”


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  • Do you realize if Clinton wins we will go to war with Russia? She will be the cause of ww3? Not only has she been repeatedly threading war with Russia over cyber attacks (which would go nuclear no doubt) the only way to inforce her no fly zone would be shooting down RUSSIANS and prominent Russian politicians have stated a vote for Hillary is a vote for war.

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