Trump’s press

American news media: You are Donald Trump’s bitch*. You are making him what he is. And that makes you something worse yet: You are lab assistants to our modern media Dr. Frankenstein, the man who invented Trump as politician, the man who more than anyone else has divided this nation, Roger Ailes. You, the press, should be exposing Trump’s idiocies for what they are and his demonization of the others — the aliens, the Mexicans, the Jews** (oops, that was someone else) — for the racism that it is. You should be instructing the public in the definition of demagoguery.*** Instead, you fawn.

As Trump’s Iowa pep rally ended a few days ago, this is what you said to America:

You are helping him to turn American democracy into his reality show. You schmucks.

It gets worse, of course. Yesterday in Iowa, Univision’s Jorge Ramos was the one reporter who tried to question Trump about his ridiculous immigration plan to rip citizenship out of the hands of people born here, to deport millions of people without due process, to build a wall around our nation, to rise in the press and the polls on at tide of hatred. Trump had him ejected:

At that moment, why didn’t every reporter in the room stand up and leave? Why didn’t you all at least ask the same question he was blocked from asking? The rest of you in the room: When Ramos was kicked out, did any of you think, “Oh, good, now it’s my turn for camera time”? If Jake Tapper had been shoved out of the room by Trump’s goon, what would you have done? Did any of you agree with Trump: Why don’t you go back to Mexico … er, I mean, Univision?****

And what happens as soon as Ramos is ejected trying to ask the question of this campaign? Another reporter asks about Trump’s feud with Megyn Kelly. Because the show must go on!

Trump did finally deign to allow Ramos to return to ask his questions. I’ll let you judge whether he answered any of them.

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*I tried to think of another way to say this but I couldn’t. Lapdog just doesn’t carry the same oomph.

**I agree with Lauren Weinstein that Godwin’s Law does not apply to Donald Trump. To quote:

Let’s get this straight once and for all: Comparisons between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump do not invoke Godwin’s Law.

Godwin’s Law applies to discussions where Nazi analogies make no sense. Comparing a strict physical education teacher with Hitler, for example, is an obvious invocation of Godwin’s Law.

However, Godwin’s Law explicitly does not apply when actual Nazi parallels are in play.

In the case of Donald Trump, we have a grandiose buffoon spouting outright lies and hate speech, triggering racial violence, demanding the deportation of eleven million plus people including American citizens, retroactive stripping of citizenship, and attracting crowds who shout “white power” and hand out literature lauding that “Trump will do to the dirty Hispanics what Hitler did to the dirty Jews.”

The parallels are obvious and on-point.

Godwin is not in scope.

Nazism and 1930s Germany very much are.


***Leave it to CNN to decide that Trump is not a demagogue. I’d rather listen to Jack Shafer on this point.

****Let us also not forget that after first making his offensive remarks about Mexicans, Univision ended its relationship with Trump, who in turn threatened to sue them. To those who said to me in a discussion about this on Facebook that Ramos was just speaking out of turn, I say let’s not be naive; Trump knew exactly what he was doing. He always does.

I leave you with this image from — to use Ramos’ own word — Trumplandia:

LATER: Here’s The New York Times on Hispanic media’s relationship with Trump. Meanwhile, the Washington Post played the story properly, atop the homepage.

  • John Pilley

    We haven’t had decent reporters for years. They are focused on their own celebrity status now, not performing the vital function envisioned in the Constitution. Face it, we are now just extras in one gigantic reality tv show.

  • Tom Tucker

    The media is fawning over Trump the same way they fawned over Obama when he rose to power.

  • rosenblum

    You take a country, have them watch Reality TV 4.5 hours a day, every day for 20 years, and this is what you get. Neil Postman, whoever you are, you called it right.

    • Heil Hitler

      The Golden Calf has grown up to be a hollow Bronze Bull... The “chosen parasites” couldn’t give two shiites about the US border…

      1. UN chief of Migration, chairman at Goldman-Sachs bank.
      2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, he works for Hillary.
      3. Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
      4. Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services.
      5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.

  • jaij

    I don’t think it’s all due to a country watching Reality TV for 4.5 hours a day for years.

    I think this is happening because the country does not value education. It wants people ignorant and uninformed. Business wants a media that it owns and controls so business can do what it wants. An informed, educated populace would not put up with Trump’s shit, nor would they tune in to the absurd coverage on the cable “news” channels. It’s all distraction, it’s all designed to provoke, divide, cause outrage. Ignorant people fall for it. Educated people who’ve read history see right through this shit for what it is. Now, come attack me for being elitist and intellectual: you’ll make my argument for me.

  • Give a demagogue enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves. That’s what journalists are supposed to do — offer rope. The fact that the demagogue’s followers like what the demagogue says needs exposure, which again is what journalists do.

    It is also something that most people should be repulsed by, but that is NOT what we do. That is what our viewers and readers are supposed to do. Give them a chance to do it.

  • Colin Crawford

    Jorge Ramos inappropriately tried to hijack the proceedings – he was taken out, cooled down and was allowed back in and was allowed to ask questions. Why is everyone in a tizzy ? I did not support the unruly behavior of the BlackLivesMatter supporters taking over the recent Bernie Saunders event. I’m no Trump supporter but in this case I think he handled it pretty well – apart from unnecessary snide comment and achieved massive media coverage and not doubt increased support among his base. The reporters there were free to answer the questions they wanted to when called on.

    • Christopher Ursich

      Yes, my opinion of the incident changed after I watched the video, compared to Jeff’s description. Ramos rudely insisted that his question be taken next. Time was not running out; there had been only one question so far. I am likewise no fan of Trump, and I accept Jeff’s analysis of the media’s behavior toward him. However, I disagree with Jeff’s characterization of the Ramos part.

  • Yeah, that CNN quote – frighteningly similar to the famous “thrill up the leg” of a certain MSNBC “journalist” during the Obama campaign. This is nothing new.

  • Dormat Hidatsa

    Play a drinking game with CNN. Every time Wolf Blitzer says something a journalist would never say, have a shot. You’ll pass out before the next commercial break.

  • pp91303

    So Jarvis is now complaining about Trump being a media creation? Where was he when they were creating the myth of Obama?

  • Justin Koetter

    There is a great deception taking place and it has its roots in the garden of eden. Im amazed at how many Christians I speak with that are clueless to what is happening. I would like to share my video entitled “How to prepare for September 2015” and hope it is a blessing to everyone.

  • Nicolas Henri Sieber

    Interesting: As I watch the video, Google feeds me an ad for the game “War Thunder”… coincidence? Greets from Switzerland…

  • Paperless Tiger

    Ever since FCC dropped the Fairness Doctrine, conservative outlets spew propaganda non-stop. No doubt they win some converts, but mainly they just pummel their own base with disinformation. The liberal media, meanwhile, still tries to balance left with right, but by now they are essentially balancing fact with fiction.

  • John Pecina

    Huge Jeff Jarvis fan love your book sir. I respectfully disagree with your Trump’s Press Blog. Jorge Ramos was very disrespectful and tried to force his question across while all other journalists respectfully waited in turn. Jorge was allowed back in, after he cooled off, and asked his questions and persisted after Trump answered them. Whether he answered them as you would like is of course in question.
    I just want the best person to be fairly elected based on how well they will serve our country,(definitely not because of the famous “Obama Phone”) maybe Trump isn’t the best choice, maybe he is, but how will we know if all we do is focus on the events that will get the best rating, or gain enough momentum to go viral on the internet? At the end of the day politicians say one thing and do another. Why aren’t they ever held accountable when they don’t produce the results they say they will?
    Again, I love your book and I hope you continue to write more, I will read them. It was because of your book that that made me want to write this today. You inspire, I like that. Thanks you for allowing everyone’s opinion to be heard, it’s appreciated.

  • People Voice

    This presidential election is pretty unique ..every one trying to have a voice in their own unique way from Ramos to Obama
    Ramos crashes in the news conference and Obama uses news conference. check this out
    Seems like Obama also active part of next presidential election.