Recommended: A book by my boss

My dean, dear friend, and mentor, Steve Shepard, has just published his memoirs, Deadlines and Disruptions, recounting his path into our business, his two decades as editor-in-chief of Business Week, and the launch of our journalism school — with an examination of the future and sustainability of journalism (often a topic of our conversations).

It is a deeply personal story as Steve tells of his anxiety over selecting this career. It is also an important story of what journalism can be at its best, as Business Week under his leadership was a great magazine, one I admired immensely (reading it got me interested in something I hadn’t thought I’d ever find interesting: business). And it is a hopeful but realistic view of where journalism can go next.

Steve and I had many conversations about the book and its title. I’m glad the word “disruptions” ended up there, for that’s what he’s really writing about. He embraces that change, as I wish more in our businesses — journalism and teaching — would do. But that’s Steve. He dared to start a leading journalism school at a time when some said he was nuts to try. He takes on new technologies and new ideas with the skepticism of a journalism and the openness of a visionary.

And, hell, he dared to hire me. He even recounts that tale — including how I quit the job the day I started and how, not for the last time, he had to talk me down from the ledge, or better put, make me more comfortable standing there.

I am incredibly lucky to know this man, to work for him, to learn from him, and to count him as a friend. I got to know him even better by reading his book. I urge you to take the opportunity to do that yourself.

  • It’s always nice when you get to recommend something by a friend/colleague that’s actually really good. I like the idea for the book and it’s always good when people tell a real, personal story. That’s what makes book like this entertaining.

  • “He takes on new technologies and new ideas with the skepticism of a journalism and the openness of a visionary.”

    I think you mean “journalist”, not “journalism”.

  • “he had to talk me down for the ledge…”

    I think you mean “he had to talk me down from the ledge…”

    You might want to give these pieces a once over before you post them. This one’s been up for a couple of weeks now and I guess, unlike me, you never go back and reread your posts after you put them up.

  • Trovor

    The idea of the book is great. A real story always make the book more entertainment.

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