Murdoch doesn’t understand links

  • Alan Ralph

    Hi Jeff,

    Ed Bott blogged about these tweets as well ( and I think his comments were spot-on :

    ‘The piracy leader? It takes a lot of I-don’t-know-what-you-call-it-but-you-can’t-say-it-in-polite-company for the guy whose highly paid executives stole the voicemails of a murdered child and of soldiers who lost their lives in Iran and Afghanistan to complain about piracy.

    And as for the “pouring millions into lobbying”? Again, this is Rupert Murdoch we’re talking about. Who spends millions of dollars a year on lobbying.’

    Google’s motto may be “Don’t Be Evil”, but I have a feeling that News Corporation’s must be “Don’t Give A Rat’s Arse About Being Evil”.

  • F Gruber

    Spot on, Jeff. I agree with most of what Allan has commented. Murdoch is onn his last legs, hopefully. However, whether or not Google is true to its motto don’t be evil is a whole diffentent matter all together. In many aspects Google starts resembling everything it once opposed.

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