Jon Stewart & SOPA (please)

Got to see The Daily Show taping tonight (more on that in a minute) and in the pre-show conversation with Jon Stewart, an audience member said he was sent by The Internet to ask about SOPA. Stewart professed (not feigned, I think) ignorance, asking whether that was net neutrality, and excusing himself, what with their “heads being up their asses” in the election and all. But he said he’d do his homework and he looked at writer Steve Bodow when he said that. Let’s hope he comes out loud.

Confidential to Mr. Stewart: The problem here is that [cough] your industry, entertainment, is trying to give power the power to blacklist and turn off sites if they’re so much as accused of “pirating” (their word, not ours) content. This changes the fundamental architecture of the net, giving *government* the power and means to kill sites for this and then other reasons. That threatens to destroy this, our greatest tool of publicness (book plug). So please, sir we need your force of virtue to beat down this, another evil. On behalf of The Internet, thank you.

  • I read the Reddit thread on this today. The guy was asking people for their input on how best to ask the question to get the best possible answer. I find it rather ridiculous that Stewart says he doesn’t know anything about SOPA. He’s pretty savvy usually. I also don’t understand why there’s zero media coverage of NDAA, which is an even bigger problem in my opinion. Thanks for posting!

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  • CVi

    You should try to get on the show yourself and plug Public Parts.

    By the way, the big problem here is the fact that DRM makes *piracy* (their words not ours) a more convenient option. It is easier for me to teach my grandmother to build an HTPC (from parts), bittorrent a movie-trailer and view it, *over the phone*; than it was for Tom Merritt to play a movie on his TV. (G+ post some weeks back)


    This movie goes some way to explaining what’s behind legislation such as SOPA and PIPA. At least to me it gave me new ideas about the way forward. We must take action to make the world the way we want it and not just react when things threaten. In fact it seems to me that mostly we are reacting to preserve our status quo as a result of corporations reacting to preserve their status quo.

    Let’s be more proactive and less reactive. Let’s “be the change we want to see in the world.” (And I’m talking to myself as much as anyone else. I need to take this to heart too.)

    Peace, Love, Laughter,


    p.s. there’s a versión española too. rs

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