Meanwhile, at Google+

I’m going to try something: linking here to things I’m writing on Google+, because the conversation there tends to be lively and quick and because I want to keep a record of some of those interesting conversations here before they scroll down into oblivion. So…

* The Associated Press gets into the CIA’s social-media analysis operation, which only makes me think that we in journalism should have just such operations ourselves.

* Adding my experience with Reid Hoffman to the deserved attention he got today in The New York Times: Reid as an open human API.

* Dell Hell charted against Dell’s share price. It wasn’t my fault. I swear.

  • I think it would make a lot of sense to use G+ as a blogging platform and syndicate it here in some fashion.

  • Still, I do have my doubts about Google+ as a blogging platform. Yes, the conversations are lively, but don’t forget: you’re not the user of such services, but the product.

    Which in itself does not mean you cannot use it for conversations, but I’m not sure it is just a coincidence that for instance there is no such thing as an easy tweet-button for your posts on the platform.

  • Same here, still have doubts about G+

  • Cool idea. They have had quite the sign up in a couple months. I do like the interface, I wonder how it will fare whether it will suffice enough as ythe ‘new social platform’.

  • Will sites like google + take over conventional blog sites like BuzzMachine?

    G+ is fast, lively and efficient to use – and it will improve.

    It also needs to allow multiple links across media, and archiving may need to be improved.

    But I am finding myself using it more and more compared to my other blog options, so could be a classic case of – out with the old, in with the new?

  • In A Walled Garden

    Most of your audience won’t care, but at least some of us are fenced out of G+ by our employers, as a “social networking site” while buzzmachine is still open. Yes I can use my smartphone. No I don’t have tons of bytes available on my data plan. And at these prices I’m not itching to buy more.

  • I’ve had you in my RSS reader for years. Putting you on G+ totally changes things: Now all your followers can have a conversation with you and with each other. It’s all much more interactive and an attractive method of communication.

    I’ll keep you in my feeds, but I’m happy to now follow you on G+.

  • EMD_CT

    I have a Google+ account, and have been signed in, so I saw the landing pages with no problem. Can you get there without a Google+ account? I posted an item, shared it with some friends not on Google+, and they were asked to create an account to see the post. Anyone have those issues with the links?

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