Brian Lehrer and Public Parts

My chat this morning with the wonderful Brian Lehrer about Public Parts:

  • Just downloaded the Kindle version of Public Parts, may be the southern most copy so far (Dunedin, New Zealand)?

    Enjoyed the radio talk – I thought your points about Google + were interesting. If people are moving towards Google +, because they see it providing a “richer” experience, it might explain the reduction in comments on this and recent Blogs? Will Blogging fade as a result?

    As you said people have “a right to connect”, I guess they also have a right to connect in the ways that they choose to connect.

  • Hello Jeff, I’m trying to reach you everywhere to have an answer about your coming to MediaOn in Brasil as a speaker guest. We really need to know! Sorry for the pressure but the event is on November and we need to set all the panels.
    Are you coming?
    Thank you

  • Dear Jeff, I learned of your book in New Scientist and have two blog posts as a result on this theme. Thanks for the prompt and this is without access to a copy (as yet)!!

    I’m a nurse working in NW England, very interested in informatics and social media. The first post appeared today:

    Welcome to the QUAD:

    In light of your health experiences, the model of care I champion encourages holistic, integrated and person centered practice. I trust that in your dealings with medical services – surgery – that has been your experience?

    Best wishes

    Peter Jones @h2cm
    Community Mental Health Nurse NHS,
    Independent Scholar & Informatics Specialist
    RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert.), PGCE, BA(Hons) Comp/Phil, PG(Dip)COPE.

  • Dear Jeff,

    Here’s the 2nd and final post –

    Many thanks