Public Parts: a video

Here’s a promotional video about Public Parts, coming out next month:

  • Joseph Thornley

    A nice teaser for the book. These are important issues and I know Canadians will be very interested in what you have to say.

    We’d love to unveil Public Parts at Third Tuesday digital meet ups across Canada. Toronto. Ottawa. Calgary. Vancouver.

  • WWGD? Opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of doing business. I’m looking forward to PP. Cool that you are promoting new book with video…a new way to market books?!

  • Will Public Parts be available for Kindle at the same time as the book launch?

    • Yes, also as an audio book. Thanks for asking.

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  • private

    Mr. Jarvis,

    Obviously you must cover this in your book, but seems like you’re confusing “personal” with “private.” You’re welcome to brag about your personal affairs in order to get attention, and although that’s somewhat related to privacy, it’s different.

    Privacy is a very serious issue, which includes the internet. I think you’re just trying to sell your book. But of course you’ve got a right to do that, and there seems to be a market for your writing.

    • Brian

      I agree with Private’s sentiment, however, I think there as incompleteness in the argument on both sides.
      To Private’s point, there’s a reason why the Secret Service for the President of the United States is called the Secret Service, and not the Public Service.
      In Mr. Jarvis’ defense, he did say that privacy must be protected.
      But the question that remains is: what must be kept private, and who should be able to see it?
      Privacy = power. Zuckerberg knows that. If it wasn’t for privacy, he wouldn’t be the CEO of Facebook.
      Mr. Jarvis, all in all, I believe you are well intentioned, and your books raise many good points (I listened to What Would Google Do?). Have you spent any time with cognitive science? Do you believe in the Singularity? That was the one piece I didn’t see covered in your book (WWGD)

  • lyecdevf

    As people above have pointed out you are confusing personal with private but they did it in a very polite manner. I on the other hand wont use this approach.
    You start talking about facebook and then you go on and start comparing our fears and reservations about using facebook to the first days of the press, which is followed by a long lecture of why we should not be afriad of sharing. Well I have a news flash for you Mr. Jarvis. There was some thing before facebook and it was called myspace. We know all about sharing and stuff like that. You do not have to hold our hand.
    In fact I think you should have another look at failbook because you have missed entierly the threats and dangers that it posses to us. Failbook is not some neat easy to use Gutenberg press but a shithole if you ask me.

  • Jonathon

    You’re awesome Jeff. Can’t wait.

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  • Brilliant! Yes privacy is important, but the level of paranoia displayed by all & sundry is getting quite ridiculous! Great to finally see the other side of the argument for once.

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