Help me with my South by Southwest proposal. I’m not sure what to submit as I’m working on a few things these days. What do you think of these possibilities:

* How to live the very public life.
* A portrait of Gutenberg as the first technology entrepreneur.
* Honey, we shrunk the economy: how technology leads not to growth but to efficiency and an exploration of the many profound implicaitons.
* News isn’t what you think it is. So what is it?
* Entrepreneurial journalism is not an oxymoron.

I need to decide and get one written on the plane back home. Or not…

UPDATE: This is what I’m planning to submit to SXSW today. Thanks, all, for your help. I will do things on the other topics. I sensed more interest in this and think it’s probably the most appropriate at this stage for SXSW (not to mention that my book will be out).

How to share smartly

Don’t let publicness be thrust upon you. Grab it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. In this session, we will examine the benefits – and limits – of sharing. After a brief excursion through history – when publicness was privilege and privacy was privation – we will catalog the benefits of publicness and discuss the idea that sharing is social and secrecy can be antisocial. Yes, privacy is necessary and needs protection. And not everything about you is worth sharing – because, let’s be honest, most of life is banal and boring. But there are many good reasons to share: out of generosity, to exercise power, to make connections, to act as an example to closed companies and governments. We will share the secrets to sharing smartly. We will imagine a more open world. Everyone should come prepared to share.