Books as makers of publics

Here’s my talk to the O’Reilly Tools of Change conference in Frankfurt before the Book Fair there, in which I argue that books are tools for making publics and now that we all have presses publishers must ask how they can play a role in helping us make publics — and how they can protect our tools of publicness.

I’m having trouble setting the width of the player, so go to the “more” link and you can watch the videos.

  • Hi Jeff
    I would like to know your opinion on privacy in social networks. I think that is changing the way we look at the information and publishing it or not. I wrote in my blog on the subject.


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  • Pyrone89


    I have read your book ‘What Would Google Do?’ and adding my eduction my view is:

    Publisher should be the making sure they are the center of information distribution. In a sense, Google is a book publisher of the new age. They can get in this role by taking over multiple roles in the distribution channel. They already have the educated authors and the paper distribution, now add the non-pro author, the digital distribution -electronic readers- and more and you start to become the center of a network.

    But with 1 key-element: choose one branche and focus (like information for IT people or management people, be the ‘ICT publishing company’). Else you either posses magic or you come up with a Google knock off whom no-one feels connected (told you your book would be referred to :D)

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