The birth of TBD?

Jim Brady, daddy of metro/hyperlocal startup, sent me pictures Tim Windsor sent him from our summit on new business models for news at CUNY two years ago. In the session on the new newsroom, Jim got up and started sketching the structure and size — little knowing, as he said in testimony before the FTC a while ago, that he’d end up building it at Jim at the whiteboard:


The detail. Note the reference to a blog network of experts — which TBD wisely built.


For the history books. If there still will be books.

  • There will always be books, there just won’t be ‘dead-tree’ editions. They’ll be electronic… but there will also be books.

  • Jake Bayless

    Curious, though, an outline of a $2.6M budget with no mention whatsoever of the model for sustainability? What am I missing?

    • This session was just about the *newsroom.* There were other rooms dealing with other topics. Their self-imposed goal in this session turned out to be to imagine the nut one would have to cover to have a credible news operation — and how to use such things as networks of bloggers to reduce the cost of that nut.

      This led to our work in new business models for news at CUNY, where we dealt with just that question in detail. Please see the blog at and the models here.

  • This was one of dozens of excellent sessions
    at each of 3 (?) such shindigs you and CUNY have hosted.

    you could certainly create some interesting infographics of attendees and their accomplishments since your first one – “Networked Journalism” – in ’07.

    David Cohn’s work, especially, comes to mind
    Michael Rosenblum’s work with the Star-Ledger’s video team
    and, OK, my work with True/Slant and now Forbes

    thanks for all the fish – and collections of great minds – Jeff –

  • And the immediate blowback from that session in the more curmudgeonly corners of the blogosphere was “No way! You can’t cover a city (if I remember correctly, the proxy here was Philadelphia) with that kind of setup!”

    Congrats to Jim and the TBD gang for actually taking a swing at it.

  • Gotta love the 2.0 media model. A lot of media entrepreneurs can use just these photos as a simple reminder: Have an overall vision. Sure, it might change, pivot, etc. but that overall big idea that is quantifiable leads to action. Awesome, stuff Jeff.

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