Want to join my entrepreneurial journalism class?

I have a little room in my entrepreneurial journalism class at CUNY.

I’d especially like a few under- or unemployed journalists looking to start businesses in the class to add to the mix of experience among the students. I’ve also had students from other schools in the past. Tuition is about $1k (sorry; I’m looking for scholarship money for various categories — such as unemployed, career-shifting, journalists and ethnic and community journalists — but don’t have it yet).

In the class, you will create and present a business plan for a sustainable (read: profitable) journalistic enterprise. We will work through:
* Your elevator pitch; the essential description of your business.
* Product plan.
* Needs statement — why does the world need this thing?
* Market research and analysis — who are your customers and what do you know from them?
* Competitive analysis.
* Revenue plan.
* Distribution/marketing plan.
* Operations plan.
* Technology plan.
* Launch plan.
* Investment ask.

At the end of the class in December, you present your plan to a jury of investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, publishers, and technologists (it’s great fun, that day).

The class meets Monday afternoons, 130-430p at CUNY.

If you’re interested, I have just a few spots. Email me at the school: jeff.jarvis at journalism dot cuny dot edu. Tell me what you want to build — an entirely new business or a hyperlocal site. Tell me about you and your experience. I’ll select a few based on the mix of the class and how complementary you, your business, and your experience are with the other students and their projects. If it doesn’t work out this time, fret not. We’re going to launch a larger entrepreneurial journalism program soon. If accepted, you’d need to be in class starting Sept. 13 (we’ve held one class so far).

  • Wow, the class sounds amazing, and I would love to take it (I’m always thinking about how much the Bronx needs dedicated local reporting), but unfortunately the timing (and tuition!) are all wrong for me right now. Maybe next time!

  • Why is it that all this great stuff only happens on the coasts? I’m a landlocked Midwesterner looking for any insights and assistance I can get as a middle-aged practioner of the evolving craft of journalism. Guess I’ll have to read the crib notes. Damn.

    • Come to the light, children, come to the light.

    • Jon

      I’ve been working on a site to be used as a local community news site. I’m with you everything is about the coasts. There is an entire open country in the middle. Anyone see an opportunity, anyone, anyone?

  • Would be cool to open up the class through something like http://p2pu.org/ for those who are geographically or financially challenged.

    Mozilla seemed to help fund a hacks/hackers course there; perhaps there’s similar funding for a class like this one.

    • Because students’ businesses are confidential, I’m afraid I’m not webcasting this class. It pains me but it’s the right thing to do for the students’ businesses.

      • Good point. There are times when walled gardens are valuable.

  • Suzy

    Will the class be available online? I am in Florida.

    • Sadly no, not yet. But New York’s wonderful in the fall.

  • We do a similar class (business but not journalism focus) for our Master of Internet Technology students here at UGA. I recently came across a nice book that I’m thinking of using. It’s called “Business Model Generation” by Osterwalder and Pigneur. I especially like the list and discussion of the 9 building blocks. Might be a good book for your students.

  • What can I do to get you to Australia to deliver same?!?!

  • It’s such a bummer that this class is too far away for me to attend, I would love to take it! It’s a shame it isn’t offered online in some form (I smell a great use for the new 10-way calling on Skype!)

  • Lauren

    This class looks amazing, but unfortunately, I work during the week. Any chance you will add evening courses next semester?

  • Craig

    I’m in Pittsburgh, so I can’t take the class. Could I see the syllabus/reading list? (If it’s already posted online, let me know.) Thanks!

  • Wow, talk about a day late and a dollar short- I just started reading your blog for the 1st time today. Would love to know if some students present models that cater to the non-profit organizations of the world, specifically chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.
    Enjoying your book right now too….

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