The Flip dance

At the Google party at Davos, I was enticed into doing the Flip dance with none less than Sir Tim Berners-Lee:

Another Sir Tim video from a session on social media. The first half of this 3:44 is him talking about the need for authority signals i social networks. In the middle, he takes pains to correct people who say that he invented the internet or created the web (no, he invented the web). The last half is his intriguing call for academic study of the web:

And, yes, it was a thrill to meet the man. I was wonderful seeing people come across him, spy his name tag, and gasp with glee and gratitude.

  • Well, I’ll tell you – now I’m shaking my head too if that means anything.

  • Philipp Weissenbacher

    I think he is very right in demanding that social sciences go more into the digital world. It is now that we communicate to a large part over social networks. There are truly some interesting questions to be answered; not only about privacy.

    I don’t really get it why some people still think that he created the web …