WWGD? – The videos (7)

At last! A week of videos comes to an end. Here are the last of the videos from the aborted v-book edition of What Would Google Do?:

Here I ask how Googley headhunters would operate:

And, finally, a video from Oxford about the future of the university:

  • I like his views on headhunters. Thing is, headhunters are basically middlemen like he stated but they are also salespeople who recruit talent for other companies and get a cut when putting forward a successful candidate.

    Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that Google crushed them pretty mercilessly when they get too big so that’s why they operate in relaive secrecy like he said.

    Nice video – he has grey hair but a young face lol :)

  • Gregg H

    Will the Universities allow the recordings of their lectures be freely available to people or not? Some are beginning to allow this now. Will this continue? Or will they lock down and make exclusive their “property”?

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  • JC

    Oxford don’t record any lectures in audio or video that I’m aware of, certainly not published to the public. Lecture notes are available to students, but not public, online.

    It is a bit mad, when I wanted to revise a topic by listening to my ipod, I downloaded a load of freely available lectures from MIT.

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  • Oh my God,
    were these supposed to be the makings of a video book?
    Oy! is all I can say
    That’s like showing me a few sample pages from a text book done in crayola on brown paper.

    Jeff, just talking to a video camera (and a hand held shaky one) does not video make. OK. let me say that compelling video it does not make. I mean it is video, just nothing you would want to watch. Even of you. Video is a language. And it can be a beautiful language. But not this. This is typing (videowise) not writing.

    Tell me this was NOT the core of the projected V book, please.

    • Not all video is made in your image.
      Some is just video.

  • I think this is a naive view of how recruitment in the headhunting sense works.

    Companies empoly agencies for a number of reasons some times they dont know what they want, or even how to recruit without leveing them selves open to lawsuits.

    And at the high end its all about relasionships not about a crude link based system Google gets a lot of stick for its recruiting stratergy which has been develope by people who thinks oh i know ill just emply some one just like me.

  • You have to do for WWGD what Al Gore did for Global Warming in Inconvenient Truth. He took what was essentially a powerpoint speech he has done a thousand times and turned it into a compelling visual narrative. You can do the same for WWGD and that is the way to approach it.