WWGD? – The videos

In addition to What Would Google Do? the book, the ebook, the Kindle book, the audio book, the video, and the PowerPoint, we were planning to release a so-called V-book with videos interspersed throughout the digital text. Never happened. So in a bald effort to drum up sales anew for my book (or frighten them away), I thought I’d share the videos here, one or two a day.

The first: a rumination on progress in front of the estate Ditchley near Oxford:

Another from the Ditchley estate about the haha (bald attempt to find a useful metaphor about openness and collaboration):

I was inspired to put up these videos because this reader wanted more videos here. Blame him.

  • I really like the haha metaphor, I think it should be used in the recurring arguments about bloggers and citizens as journalists. Of course, I’d prefer that those arguments just cease, but what are the chances of that?
    Also, did you intend to compare the audience to cows? Another argument that needs to die – people are not cattle, they know what they want and where to find it.

  • Nice video, I especially like the ha ha one, Looking forward to more

  • Tex Lovera

    Reading this post, I kind of had a facepalm moment. With books going electronic (a la the Kindle), will we now see a wave of “books” with embedded video?

    Or am I late to this party and it’s already out there? (I am somtimes a bear of very little brain…)

    • That was the idea. But the device guys apparently weren’t ready for it.

      • Jeff,

        I love the videos and I’m thankful you took an in depth look at Google. You definitely stimulated my thinking and I’m taking action on the “PPP”. I’m in the process of building http://www.districtfile.com and have a release party at the Canadian Embassy tomorrow night. We just updated the site.

        The current site is for staffers, government employees and politicians. It’s the UN of social networking and has been growing the last couple years. After listening to your book it opened my eyes to think about using the site for “political relationship management”.

        I would love to chat sometime.

        Very truly Yours,

        Jason Seyler

  • You and Vook seriously need to get together …

    Vook Debuts Digital Books

    … unless you want a DIY gig:

    Apple Will Break Open The Digital Book Floodgates

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  • curious, how do I add my picture to the replies?

  • Rob Levine

    Remember you were talking about how the old media were “cheating” advertisers?

    Check this out: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/08/zyngas-fishville-swims-with-the-fishes-for-ad-violations

  • Johan Hjelm

    I thought it was “bold” attempt, not “bald”. Or maybe the speaker is reflecting on himself? But that is wrong, isn’t it? As yet.

  • Heya Jeff

    When you’re in the UK next, shout and if you need a video hand I’ll be only to pleased to provide one for sequences to your v-book. Like to capture some of that Jeff energy. Here’s an artist in residence colleague, Poet Lemn Sissay I Vjed recently for a 2hr turnover. Poetry not as you’ve known it.


    Your entrepreneurial position hits a chord.

    I can’t talk about journalism per se, but videojournalism I like to think the rules combined with AST theory (people misappropriate technology) means many of us are yet to truly refine solo video reportage on the web – something I spoke about at SXSW

    Thanks to Adam Westbrook for the big-up. He represents the generation to break open this thing.


    p.s I came across some video of you I shot chairing at the ONA in 2005 (NY) Heavens knows where it is now, but if I come across it…..

  • “too pleased to”

  • Love the ha ha Jeff.
    A thought came to my mind that perhaps you could get Simon and Garfunkel to re release “Bridge over troubled water” as “Bridge over troubled ha ha’s”