Tinkering with the news

This morning, Glam.com – the model of the new network model of media – extended its Twitter aggregator, Tinker.com, into news at Tinker.com/news. It’s very simple and that’s what makes it intriguing: headlines mixed with current discussion of them.

Yesterday, New York Times digital strategy head Martin Nisenholtz also talked about adding value to Twitter and news here.

“If you go out and search Twitter, it doesn’t work very well,” he said. “It’s very literal.” But if The Times can build multiple search products for Twitter that better understand context, there “is a lot of power in organizing and curating this world.” Therefore, the company is looking into building similar Twitter aggregators for what could be “thousands of categories,” he said.

Note, by the way, that Nisenholtz was misquoted in Twitter yesterday (which I retweeted) saying that 10% of Times inbound links came from Twitter. He emailed to correct. What he said was that they were about to move into the top 10 referrers, based on the current growth rate.

Also note, by the way, that Glam just reached profitability. Many media execs I know scoffed at Glam but now they’re dying and Glam’s growing. The network model works. And the link to people’s conversations – in both these examples – will not only help media but will be a key driver of value. I’ve pointed out here before that Google News causes a billion clicks a month but so does Bit.ly (and it represents only part of Twitter’s traffic). At the Knight-funded Aspen event on new business models for news, Marissa Mayer said we must find the ways to insinuate news into everyone’s stream (and, I’ll add, vice versa).

  • Jeff: your Tinker link is broken. It’s pointing to tinker.com.news. Click my name for the right link.

  • I have negotiated with Glam as an online publisher and have worked with several other online publishers who have worked with Glam. I have not heard one good word said about them by online publishers.

  • @Matt & Jeff: You’re right, the link is broken. It looks correct written up but it hyperlinked to: http://tinker.com.news/ instead of http://tinker.com/news/ .

    I think this is a really cool step for Glam.com since there is so much valuable information on Twitter that becomes especially evident and easy to derive when tweets are placed and organized in a context they can make sense in. Cool idea =).

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  • The Twitter content aggregation model is not new, I have come across this
    you could watch all CIO’s tweets without needing to follow them individually.

    In exectweets you could look at business executives’ tweets.

    • Nothing is ever new on the internet. There’s always something older….