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On the Media’s Bob Garfield interviewed me about the CUNY New Business Models for News Project.

I made one error: the new news organization’s editorial staff after three years is 46; total is 90.

Bob was nice enough to plug my book. Now I’ll plug his, The Chaos Scenario. I just bought a copy. He’s doing lots of neat things publishing it, offering it first on Kindle, offering earlier adopter pricing on the paperback (it increass $1 every Monday), and then coming out with independent distribution in stores. Because he has an nice widget enabling purchase, I’ll embed it here:

  • Eric Gauvin

    glad everybody is getting plugged…

  • WhatAboutFree

    Why don’t you guys give your books away for FREE?

    I thought this was the link economy?

    • Mine has been available for free online since it was published.

      • Eric Gauvin

        That’s technically true, but I doubt anybody has ever read it online. That online version functions more or less as a preview of the real book, which you relentlessly sell, sell, sell.

        You’re not really offering the book online for free. Don’t lie or play us for fools.

        • Eric,
          I did lie but not about this. When I said life is too short to deal with trolls, I did mean you.
          Once more and I’ll ban you. When that happens, I erase every comment you’ve ever made.
          You attack for the sake of attacking. That is the definition of a troll. I’ve had it. Get a life. Blog on your own.
          The book is available for free. Hell, man, you’ve put the link in many of your trollish comments yourself.
          If you attack once more and I get rid of you, I’ll consider it a good side-effect of getting cancer.

        • Eric Gauvin

          You obviously have a much higher threshold for hype if you consider the “free” online version of your book languishing in a forgotten corner of the internet as having any bearing on the free content debate.

        • Enough, Eric, enough.

  • hello jeff-

    hope you are feeling good…hope you may remember me…took a class this spring from you @ CUNY and publish the hyperlocal for westchester county new york, theLoop (

    just want to say i enjoyed this. i thought you both did a great job of distilling a lot of big thinking into a few minutes of radio.

    i am working on creating a network of hyperlocals, and trying to find a way to connect those with discernable voices, rather than aggregators or cookie cutters. . think the alternative press of the 60s/70’s (before we were born :) )i think there are so many true veterans out here that a network of truly journalistically driven “on-line newspapers” with individual personalities could work.

    see you soon.

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  • Eric Gauvin

    Testing… testing… one, two three…