Book talk in Jersey

thanks to Baristanet, I’m giving a book talk & signing at the Montclair Library Thursday, 7p. Details here.

  • Nikolaj Thomassen

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m just about to finish reading your book and it’s great. Besides the very inspiring content it’s a joy reading a business book written in such a straight forward language free of the somewhat heavy and dull academic writing tradition you find in many other books in this genre.

    I’m a journalist but I left the media business a year ago and co-founded a new company where we develop sports equipment using different kinds of technology to make sports more appealing to kids and young people. When you get sucked into the world of product development you develop a great deal of paranoia when it comes to having your ideas stolen by others. Most of the time it’s probably out of proportions but on the other hand copying is a serious threat.

    Now, I really like your idea of inviting the customers to participate in the development process by putting initial drawings, pictures of prototypes etc. out on the web. But how do you do this when your competitors might check in as well?

    Don’t you risk that your work and ideas get stolen and launched before you are ready to launch them yourself?

    It would be interesting to hear your opinion on this.

    Best regards
    Nikolaj Thomassen

    • Nikolaj
      It is risky, yes. But I think if they nick your idea you have the proof and they look like thieves. And the more important thing is your relationship with your public – open, collaborative, responsive – and that’s the real benefit. I hope.

  • Jeff, sorry I’ll miss your event in Montclair. It’s my son’s 21st birthday, and at 7 I hope and expect we’ll be off celebrating. Hope the event goes well. It’s a great library. I wrote a lot of my book there…

  • Sorry its not post related realy: For your next book how do you like this idea. Everybody helping here with an idea or who joined the discussion about its content can send a small pic to you (you say how big it can be and of course people do it for free). That gets on the front or back of the book, like a big mosaic of people, who helped you and it would be a different thank you than just a list of names in the end of the book.