MediaTalkUSA podcast is up

The second edition of the Guardian MediaTalkUSA podcast is up, with On the Media’s Brooke Gladstone and The New York Times’ David Carr having at it, plus interviews with Craig Newmark and Portfolio editor Joanne Lipman, plus news from PaidContent. Enjoy (I hope).

  • Gray

    Congratulations, Jeff! “Der Spiegel” just published the interview with you on the future of newspapers. A very interesting read!,1518,623013,00.html (English),1518,622944,00.html (German)

  • Jeff:
    To paraphrase a point you made a few days ago: “what added value was produced?”

    Having three media insiders schmooze about the decline of traditional media is now a commonplace, especially since all of you already have platforms on which to make your views known.

    I didn’t hear one constructive idea on what to do to correct the situation, nor were there any views presented from those not usually heard from.