I have in my hands a list… of dying papers

Sen. John Kerry is going to hold hearings about the failing newspaper industry. To do what, exactly? Bail them out? God, no. So what’s the point? And who’s he going to invite? Newspaper people? Why not invite the entrepreneurs and innovators and bloggers who are inventing the future of news? Why not hold hearings to support that, instead? We’ll be happy to share the business models we create at the New Business Models for News Project, Sen. Kerry. There is a future for news. It’s not the same as the past.

  • Max Headroom

    Right after his piracy hearings, right?
    How can the CFR control the media, if there is no centralized media?
    Oops Wait!
    We need to know about them.
    We need hearings on search engines and web crawlers ….

  • Mike G

    Well, Jeff, unfortunately we seem to have elected a government devoted to protecting 1987’s jobs instead of creating 2015’s. There is no moribund industry that can’t be propped up a little longer, at the expense of the new industry that was going to replace it.

  • invitedmedia

    yet, over @ broadcastingcable, the headline reads: Kerry schedules hearings on the future of journalism.

    big dif.

    • Tex Lovera

      Not really. It’s just referring to the future of OLD media.

      Which is pretty much no future at all.

      • invitedmedia

        eh tex,

        we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

  • But what if big is bust; why can’t they see that small might be the new big… same this side of the Pond…


    All the best, etc.

  • More good news!

    The New York Times Co. fell into a deeper financial hole during the first quarter as the newspaper publisher’s advertising revenue plunged 27 percent in an industrywide slump that is reshaping the print media. Its shares dived Tuesday.

    Keep it up.

  • Journalism doesn’t require pen to paper (or keyboard) anymore:


    I’m surprised more ‘mainstream’ journalists don’t address their readers directly [via video] online.

  • Not even gonna cut Senators slack!
    You sir, are a bulldog
    If I ever need to rail against
    Or for something
    I am going to get your playbook
    And study it Hard!

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  • David Wade

    Hey there, I’m John Kerry’s Chief of Staff. You ask a qood question: “who’s he going to invite? Newspaper people? Why not invite the entrepreneurs and innovators and bloggers who are inventing the future of news?”

    Well, fear not — in fact, our first invitee who has signed on to the hearing after a personal call from Sen. Kerry is a witness from Google, and our second call and invitation was to one of the smartest, most innovative bloggers who broke some big news stories over the last few years who, serendipitously, was my T.A. in college. Hopefully he’ll be there as well. Old and new more than represented.

    Feel free to always ask us questions — that’s what we’re here for. And yes, we read the Buzz Machine.

  • I’m not so sure there won’t be a bailout proposal for some newspaper companies, and as a news person myself I don’t like the idea: http://jeffsonderman.blogspot.com/2009/04/us-senate-hearings-slated-on-newspapers.html

  • As a Community Blogger, Freelance Investigative Journalist and Photographer that recently fell victim to the newspapers fight for survival I think the print newspapers created their own predicament. They failed to see the writing (no pun intended) on the wall and invested too much in old media instead of venturing into the future with new media. Print media has lived in the past for far too long and I believe their fate is sealed.

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