WWGD: The PowerPoint – checking in

I decided that when writing a book filled with aphorisms (aka blog or PowerPoint lines), I might as well skip a step and make it into a PowerPoint. It provides a gag at the start of talks — we have WWGD the book, the ebook, the vbook, the Kindle version, the audiobook, and now WWGD: The PowerPoint. Since putting the presentation up on Slideshare, it has had more than 8,000 views and 500 downloads, which amazes me. Some folks have told me that they’ve used it in their own presentations; they’ve even presented it themselves. Other good folks have translated the PowerPoint into German, Spanish, and Italian (oddly, I still don’t have book publishers in the latter two languages – but I do have PowerPoint publishers).

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Jeff.

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  • I found this blog through Google. Great information. Will be back in the future!

  • loved this book; had a similar experience with Dell

    Here’s one re Verizon. I called my local store ystdy for a replacement battery. Yes, they had one–only $39.95–and no extension of contract required!! Then I located many available batteries for $8 or $9. Would you like to guess the future of Verizon in a nation of Wal-Mart shoppers?

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