The AP Daily without the AP

Amazing that even the free Metro papers – which were pretty much the Associated Press freeze-dried onto paper – are dropping the AP. Even though they’re nothing but a bus-read, they don’t want – or can no longer afford – commodity content.

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  • RB

    The only thing surprising about the demise of the AP is that the organization is even more clueless (via arrogance and insulation) than newspapers have been.

    • Bob Jakuc

      Demise of the AP? A curious comment to make with no basis in reality and uttering the statement doesn’t make it so. That’s “interesting” logic to go from free dailies dropping AP content to the demise of the AP. And I would make the point that AP giving back $31 million in fees to newspapers this year is a sign that AP is NOT “insulated”

      The AP saw this day coming and have been preparing for it. 10 years ago newspapers accounted for 70% of AP revenue while today newspapers account for less than 25%. As clearly stated in the linked article, it’s the demise of print advertising, and business models based on print advertising revenue, that’s the issue here and not the demise of the AP. Clearly an example of the fallacy of Correlation does not imply causation:

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  • Johan Hjelm

    “Nothing but a bus-read”? So it is somehow better to be read at the breakfast table, or in the boardroom, or Buckingham Palace?

    As long as there is an audience, journalists should be happy. And they are sure being read, all over the world. Maybe what we are seeing is journalism emerging in the tabloids, not just wrapping around the ads. Finally.
    You know, it’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity….


    • I believe he means that people read the free papers because they are bored and the paper is free, but when there are better ways to occupy their time available nobody reads them. So when there are more options available it demonstrates that what is being said has value because people are taking time from their busy day to read instead of just killing time. And if you are the go to source of information in the boardroom, or Buckingham Palace it certainly speaks highly of your quality.

    Jeff, most of my colleagues with me here in good old europe can’t follow your enthusiasm about the octopus google! Do you have an answer how will cover all the news (pictures, videos…) around the globe if not the famous reporters and journalists from the news agencies? They will die with the papers! I take news pictures for some agnecies to feed my family with five kids. Do you want to look at an empty google news screen someday in the morning? Or do you really believe that citizen reporter will do the job without payment?