Newspaper with and for breakfast

That’s it: Newspapers’ salvation! Make them edible! More value! No recycling! Fiber for everyone!

No really: An ink company is trying to push newspapers to distribute ads you can taste.

  • haha, that’s quite an idea :-) I’d go for coffee taste in the morning. In the evening it should be more icecream-like. Yeah!

  • I was just brainstorming last night and came up with the idea of an advertising supported bakery. I could see the sheet cake now: “Happy birthday Johnny! We think you’re old enough for a puppy – Sponsored by your local pet store.”

  • That’s just gross. Desperation gross.

  • sarah

    I cut my teeth in the news business as a 12 year old paper girl. I provided bespoke delivery – carefully tucking papers in boxes, under doormats, in between door – as each customer wished. I delivered the papers early – which most of my customers also appreciated. They got their papers when and where they wanted them.

    Fast forward several decades (shudder) to the present – I work for a commercial newswire service, and am constantly working to create new means and methods of distribution, in order to reach potential readers in of our clients’ press releases in the context of the reader’s interests and needs. It’s hard, sure – but our web analytics tell us that more people than ever are reading the press releases.

    I’m still a newspaper subscriber. But I only get the paper on Sunday. If the Chicago Tribune could promise me two things – that I’d have my papers by 6:30 at the very latest, and that the paper would be delivered to my front porch (a mere 20 feet or so from the street) then they’d have my business.

    But the paper has little utility if it’s delivered after I’ve left the house, and I’m not going to go digging around in the bushes for it (sigh) when dressed for work. I’ve shared this gem with the Trib numerous times, to no effect.

    Give the people what they want, when they want it. Words by which any consumer product company should live!

  • Jeff,

    Why aren’t more people talking about this business model for newspapers?

    Maybe I should inform the Newspaper Project about the reality that former print reporters are finding new lives as creators of online-only newspapers that focus on the readers again.

  • invitedmedia

    back when larry flynt could still walk, we had 2 conversations with him about a scratch and sniff edition… it hit the stand within a year. 1977, if memory serves.

    better not give the guy any ideas.

  • Hi Jeff, I do not know if you have already check this blog . It is a very interesting blog about the future of newspaper publishing. My personel point of view is: “Do not believe in religion because it is the past – do not believe in sientice because it is the future. You have to believe in the present. The present is print & online. Please think not in terms of a singulare solutions of media and information. Booth groups (online and print) should be tolerant and accept the advantage and disadvantages of each medium.

    Best regards from Berlin Stefan
    “The meal is defining the sort of wine which I order. If it is fish than I choose white win and If it is a steak I drink red wine. The best is a menue where you can enjoy booth ;-)” Jeff, when you are in Berlin I invite you in a good restaurant and than let´s talk.

  • Jeff,

    I don’t like newspaper firefighters.

    But newspaper eaters either!

    You don’t the Menu, but the Food.

    Have a nice weekend.