Abooot Google

Reminder: I’ll be speaking at the Rotman business school in Toronto – a favorite city of mine – tomorrow, March 25, starting at 5p. The fee includes a copy of What Would Google Do?. Autographs are free.

: Here‘s a story from today’s Toronto Star.

  • Alan Cranbury

    Hey Jeff,

    Is there any way you could post a pdf of What Would Google Do?

    Thanks my friend.

    You’re the best!


  • Jeff,
    I purchased a copy of the audio book WWGD? and the last disk errors out. I thought you would want to feed this back to your replication/production folks.


    • Will Darvis


      Can you make an mp3 of WWGD and shoot it my way.

      Will be greatly appreciated.


      [email protected]

    • Dan,

      I’ve contacted Harper Collins on this. If you don’t get satisfaction, I’ll give you a copy of the audio book myself. Let me know!



  • Lance


    Not sure what you meant by “errors out”, but I mastered that title and I think your disc may have gotten scratched or smudged if it is not playing back correctly.

    -Lance Neal
    Harper Audio

  • Wish I had read this yesterday and been able to come and see you speak in Toronto!

  • Martha

    Thanks for visiting T.O. Your talk at Rotman was great and really got the wheels spinning!
    I wonder how many people in the audience realize your talk & book are about more than just new media/a new approach to business, but about how our world as we know it is evolving?
    ~ Martha