I had a great time today talking about What Would Google Do with KCRW’s Rob Long on his show, The Politics of Culture (he also makes a great show/podcast about Hollywood: Martini Shot):

I can’t say the same for every radio interview I’ve been lucky enough to do for the book. Some are great (see hear also On the Media and KGO’s Ronn Owens and a few others). But some remind me of why Howard Stern makes fun of radio. I’ve had my share of IN-ter-VIEWS when THE hosts EM-pha-SIZE SYLlables in WAYS that No NORmal HUman DOES. But my favorite stupid radio trick so far: Three hosts asked me to tell the folks what Google is. Do they think their own listeners are that disconnected, that stupid? Apparently so. One droned on to me about how “people over 50” just have a tough time with this internet thing and computers and all that. I responded that I’m 54 and I managed to figure it out.