Take a class with Profs. Rosenblum and Jarvis

I’ll be assisting Michael Rosenblum in teaching a one-day seminar at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism on March 28 (10a-3p) on joining the video revolution in news and media. If you’ve never had the chance to catch Michael in action, believe me, you’ll want to; he’s compelling and convincing and empowering and helluva lot of fun. I’ll be adding my views on the opportunities in the fundamental changes in media for what promises to be a rich and meaty discussion. Details are here.

[Disclosure: The fee for the seminar goes to CUNY, where I teach; apart from my princely professorial pay, I’m not profiting personally… though I do get an alliteration bonus.]

  • Mike Manitoba

    Whoops. Almost read that as “Rosenbaum.”

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  • Any chance you can tape this and post it for a fee??? No chance of making it to NY with the budget cuts around here.

  • Would love to take a version of the class online.(And willing to pay!)

  • I, too, would like to take a version of class online…also willing to pay.
    Scheduling a Saturday class is rough.

  • Ashwin

    Any word when online registration opens up? CUNY website still says it’s pending…

    • you should be able to click on the link and pay now. leave another comment if not and i’ll ask someone. i’m not online well at the moment. j