WWGD? events

A few WWGD? talks and signings; I’d love to see many friends there, of course:

* Tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Barnes & Noble, 97 Warren Street (at Greenwich, near the World Trade Center) at 7p.

* Thursday at Daylife for a repeat performance: 444 Broadway near Canal, 630p.

* Wednesday the 18th at Google HQ in Mountain View for a book event there. If you work at Google, I’d love to hear you tell me what I got wrong….

* Wednesday, the 18th, at Books Inc. in Mountain View: 301 Castro Street, 730p. I’ll have just come from my first visit to Google HQ for a book talk there.

* Thursday the 19th at Booksmith at 1644 Haight in San Francisco, at 730p 7pm, thanks to the good offices of Craig Newmark and the store. (This one isn’t quite confirmed yet; it will be once I get flights.)UPDATE: It’s confirmed now.