In Gatehouse’s anti-linking, anti-web suit against the New York Times Company, attorneys for the Times presented an email from Gatehouse digital head Howard Owens — who, of course, knows how the internet works — that says links with headlines and ledes are OK and are fair use. Heh.

I’d think Gatehouse would have better things to do with its spare resources and time than try to ruin the web. Let’s hope this suit dies fast.

  • Very cute. Too many lawyers with too much time on the hands playing by yesterday’s rules…and it turns out not very well.

  • Like the NY Times has any money to spare, haha.

    I feel sorry for Howard Owens having to work for such a desperate company.
    Hopefully they won’t fire him for this.

  • I hope the suit doesn’t die. I hope it’s lost, and establishes a precedent.

    • I also hope the suit doesn’t die [settled] and establishes a precedent, if it is won or lost.

  • Karl,

    Even when a case is settled out of court it can still have an impact on legal thinking. For example, the TSR vs. GDW et al case of the early to mid 90s established that one game publisher can not claim special protection on game mechanics. This precedent extending the decision regarding Monopoly mechanics to games as a whole.

  • Jeff,

    The suit was settled today. Check out the terms of the settlement.