WWGD? On Stern

Just heard that Howard Stern talked about What Would Google Do? this morning. I was on the subway. If you heard it please let me know what he said.

  • Serius

    Just a quick plug where he cited your citation of the H100 News Team and their “no more BS”.

  • Austin

    He mentioned that you used to call in to the show and, in addition to what Serius says above, he said something to the effect that you are a kind of “no BS in news media advocate.” It was pretty cool. Congrats.

  • I.F. Stoner

    He said:
    “That book is %$#2! I really thought about the [email protected]*#* and how I’d like to *&h with Jarvis.”

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself

  • Open source

    A lot more people would be telling you what he said, had he said it on terrestial radio, with a live internet stream, instead of the closed system of sat radio.

    The platform has diluted his impact.

  • Listen to the clip Click my name

  • Robert, nice! Thanks.

  • Er, to clarify, robert ivan has linked to a clip of the Howard 100 News segment featuring Jeff. To get to it, click on robert’s name above his post; it links to a blog which features the clip as it’s (currently) first post.

  • Well, Google would link to the radio show and make it searchable.

  • Eric Gauvin

    No Bullshit??!!

    That was an ad for the Howard Stern show that was very, very poorly disguised as an interview with an author plugging his book.

    That was a classic example of bullshit.