I don’t intend to quote every review What Would Google Do? gets but I can’t resist this one from Michelle
Archer in USA Today, short and sweet:

Blogger/columnist Jeff Jarvis’ treatise on how — and why — companies should think and act like Google brings to mind several trite words from the world of literary criticism: eye-opening, thought-provoking and enlightening.

There’s something for everyone in What Would Google Do? For newbies still struggling to comprehend the Internet, Jarvis puts it in context. For floundering industries, Jarvis suggests reforms via Google’s philosophy or strategies employed by entities such as Facebook and And for people and groups hoping to launch the next big Google, Jarvis takes a page from Craigslist’s Craig Newmark: Make something useful, help people use it and then get out of the way.

: Craig Newmark, a humbler man than most, quotes the review but takes out the reference to himself.

  • Michael P. Scott

    I’ve been hanging out with healthcare PR and marketing folks for decades and they’ve never listened to my mantra about how to do marketing in our business right:

    Develop products and services people want and need and give it to them at a price both of you can afford.

    Craig’s definition, of course, by virtue of his success will be better known, but I said it among the first.

    And the marketing people responded, immediately: No margin: no mission.

    (Which is the corollary to my point of view: No mission: no margin.) It ain’t gonna get fixed in MY lifetime, I can assure you of that.