I tweet, therefore I tweet

I Twittered:

My son says his problem with Twitter is too much Twittering about Twitter. Judging by today, he’s right. And I just added to it.

Then David Weinberger, the Emeril of online thought, kicked it up a notch:

That used to be the case with blogging when it first started. Every other post (including mine) was about blogging. Blog blog blog blog.

If you want to get out ahead of the curve when the next new social writing phenomenon happens, be the one who never writes about it.

Herewith, I put myself behind the curve. And of course, now I’ll tweet about this blog post about twittering. Jane, stop this crazy thing.

LATER: Nice exchange in response to this on Facebook (which might as well be Twitter, so it’s still morally the same):
Eric Effron : It’s only natural, though. I suspect that when people first got telephones, they talked a lot about…telephones!
Steve Safran: Agreed. My parents still talk about how wonderful it is they can email.
Lamar Graham: My mother still calls to tell me she sent me an e-mail.
Steve Safran: I get that too, but I have a feeling it’s just a Jewish mother’s way of saying “why haven’t you answered it yet?”

  • You funny, Jeff.

  • It seems that twitering about twitter brings stuff to your blog the trick is to make that landing interesting.

  • just break the cycle already.

  • Maybe this happens at the end of the cycle, too. There’s a fair amount of commentary in newspapers and on newspaper sites about the decline and fall of newspapers as we’ve known them.

  • It is funny – the blog posts I write about Twitter – then promote on Twitter – also get the most traffic from (I will say it again) Twitter.

  • Ditto amateur radio.

    Apparently “radio hams” mostly talk about the equipment they’re using.

  • I don’t recall anyone texting about texting…