Networks grow

Just got a press release announcing another newspaper network starting: The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun will share content. Smart. (Link later.)

: I was on my iPhone before. Here‘s the link.

So now there are similar networks in Ohio, New York/New Jersey and D.C./Maryland. Might as well make a national network and marketplace for original journalism.

: Later: In the comments, Bob Wyman says – and I agree:

Content should be shared WITH advertising revenue. Otherwise, these content sharing arrangements are simply cost-saving measures — not primarily revenue generating. Money is being left on the table…

The newspapers need to start seeing that their content has value. But, I think papers have been too long with the AP model of giving up your content for free and then paying to get content from others as a way to reduce costs. That made sense in the old paper and geography based world of newspapers but doesn’t make sense in the online world. Gatehouse and might think about this… Would Gatehouse be as upset as they are now if they got ad revenue when their content appeared on other sites?

The pioneer in this reverse syndication model: Politico, a new company.