Flip (video) the pages

Bob Miller, head of Harper Studio (a division of HarperCollins, parent of my publisher, Collins) has been blogging about the industry as he tries out new models for it. We sat down and talked in front of a Flip camera (which they also give to all their authors to get them to post videos) and talked about links and aggregation.

The Bookseller’s Blog likes the idea of making videos like this and suggests bookstores should do the same:

How can you integrate this idea into your store’s blog or website? If you have an author in the store, ask if you can record a brief video. Let the author talk about his or her area of expertise, but in a way that doesn’t just promote the book but also provides a nugget of valuable information that might be shared.

I’ve been recording more than a dozen videos using my Flip to include in an electronic version of the book; more on that later.