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Jon Stewart on the newspaper crisis:

  • Ah, what a great time to be a journalist.

  • Darren Meshach

    More sad than funny. Wonder how much longer Stewart’s own paradigm is going to last.

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  • OSweet

    Stewart’s kind of a douchebag himself.

    Looks like his writers are sucking nowadays as well.

  • MarkJ


    “Stewart’s kind of a douchbag himself.”

    “There’s nothing “kind of” about Stewart when it comes to being a douchebag. Dare we remember that, a couple of months ago, Jon “Mr. Sophisticate” Stewart launched into foul-mouthed tirade against Sarah Palin saying, and I quote, “F*** her.”

  • Will C.

    The expression “whistling past the graveyard” comes to mind, Mr. Stewart…..

  • Mike

    I agree. JS is an a$$hole par-excellence. Who gives a damn what he thinks!

  • SteG

    Yeah, maybe newspapers aren’t what they were once. But, as is clear from Stewart’s remarkably unfunny piece here, television comedy is heading that way too.

  • anonymous

    Where was the outrage from the NAACP when Jon Stewart suggested that the true horror of slavery was being a highly-paid narcissist?

    What a douchebag. (November 5, 2008)

    (at 4 minutes into the video)

    Chris Wallace: “You didn’t see our coverage, because you and Stephen Colbert were crying when at 11 o’clock when they announced the president.”

    Jon Stewart: “Yes, imagine people having human emotions to an historic moment. Imagine a country coming full circle from slavery and that affecting me on a deeply personal level.”

    The important question is, how can Jon Stewart be even more unfunny, now that the Daily Show will be a mouthpiece for the new administration.

    Given that fellatiating for The Man does not make for good comedy, perhaps Comedy Central should replace him with Dennis Miller.

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  • Finance Crisis, Newspaper Crisis… Where will it all end?
    To those criticizing JS. It´s his job to make fun of those stories, you shouldn´t forget that. We´ll see how long he´s able to…

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