I’m in Oxford and London until early next week for a conference at Ditchley and a spot of work at the Guardian. Looks like I might be free Saturday or Sunday nights if anybody’s around for a beer.

  • Around “for a pint,” that is.

  • I happen to be here too and would love to meet on Saturday over a beer/pint/whatever. Tried emailing you a while back but not sure if it got through.

  • rod

    You’re on Jeff! I’m near Oxford. Mail me or dm to twitter @rodnic66

  • invitedmedia

    sounds like mr. jarvis is well on his way to being ****faced this weekend!

    be safe.

  • which pub are you drinking in and when?

  • If you are around central London (oxford circus) let me/us know.

  • On your honor as Englishmen, you must get Jeff well pissed.

  • rod

    For those interested in a pint in Oxford, I’d suggest the Turf, the Eagle & Child or the Head of the River. Or all three. Any of these take your fancy?