A view from Dubai

A quick video from my hotel room:

  • tdc

    all those yachts look to be under 150′, no helipads either.

    must be just ‘average’ dubains!

  • Re your question about a world built on data — I’m not sure I agree with you Jeff. Have you spent much time on the streets of Los Altos Hills, CA or other suburban communities in Silicon Valley? I’d say there are quite a few mega mansions built on data there.

  • OK, beat you. I was first there in 1993.

    I have been thinking about the death of newspapers and more so the death of media in general’s ability to fund news. A key malaise in the USA is the failure of the unwashed to understand the world due, in part to, the lack of foreign bureaus.

    Does Jeff agree?

    Please don’t tell me that bloggers are going to make up for seasoned journalists?

    Maybe you should stay in Dubai! :)

  • A Flip
    from the professor

    I recognise the future
    if I’m not mistaken

    a flight
    to a
    hand luggage

    and a broadband

    Nice Flip
    nice fit
    nice future

  • David

    Hmmm why do we get the feeling that if Hillary had won the presidency and you were in another country you’d be blogging about how the rest of the world was reacting to that.

    All we get now is s.i.l.e.n.c.e. How telling…

  • arthur


    You are 100% right, and 0% wrong. I looked back at buzzmachine archives (very slow business day), here is something that I found. In February, Jeff posted 36 entries. 9 of them discuss politics. In March, Jeff posted 64 times. 18 of them directly talk about the politics. 28% and 25% of the posts are dealing with the politics and elections in particular. That is during the Democratic Primaries.

    Now, what happened in the General elections? In September, Jeff had 27 posts. 4 of them deal with politics. To break that down further, 3 bailout posts, and 1 convention spot. That is 14% discussing politics, 0% discussing elections. In October, there are 26 posts, 2 dealing with politics-2%. One is about bailout and another about the google economy.

    But, look at the bright side-at least he did not go Lieberman on the Democrats.

  • arthur

    sorry, bad math-2/26 is 7%

  • tdc

    david & arthur,

    better be cool or mr. jarvis might offer you guys a fishing trip to abu musa.

  • william elbel

    “All we get now is s.i.l.e.n.c.e. How telling…”

    Sometimes silence speaks volumes, and Jeff has said it best.

  • A world build on wealth and value from data? In Europe we have already been there – in the age of Scholasticism. At least the intellectual part of society was preocupied with data-mining the Bible and Aristotle. The corresponding building would be Notre-Dame de Paris.

    But they were not preocupied to create wealth and wanted to create value only in the broader sense.

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  • I am not so sure that wealth is built on any ONE thing… The question is assumming that all wealth world wide is built on oil. I don’t think all of it is built on oil. Oil is important and affects costs etc. but it is not the only substance on which WEALTH is built. See all infomercials if you don’t agree.

    AND THANK GOD for that. There are different kinds of wealth … there is an unpretentious wealth. There is spiritual wealth. There is much internet or data that is given freely and much that is monetary – so how do you measure it. Are we so superficial as to think that a few expensive building and yachts are the only measurement of wealth; as in monetary gain?

    If so, then i I am saddened for our futures.

  • Let’s wait and see if all this wealth stays now when oil prices hit the ground and the automobile indutry is in such serious problems…

    my comments at http://www.commentino.com/orim

  • Data wealth still has external costs that we’re not really good at tracking right now. Look at all the energy (gas?) we need to power all the data centers Google and others run on a non-stop basis.

    Dubai is gorgeous. I’ll have to figure out an excuse to go there soon.

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