Snots scream: ‘snot fair!

Heh. A bunch of movie critics in the UK are whining that Disney used blurbs from real people in ads for the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Welcome to the future critics: We’re all critics now. It’s particularly funny to me that critics consider blurbspace theirs. How dare a movie studio quote the people who actually buy the tickets and watch the movies? How dare they give respect to the audience?

I will confess that when I was a critic, I got pissed when I was blurbed without mention of my name. But there was only one reason for that: ego.

(While I’m at it, another blurb story: I was TV critic at People and complained in my column about a “pinhead” at NBC who had taken my review quite out of context to turn a negative review into a positive blurb. It was something to the moral effect of this: I said the show as an incredible piece of crap and the blurb said, “Incredible!” Anyway, when my putative partner in the launch of Entertainment Weekly went to Hollywood to push the magazine before its launch, he met with an executive at NBC who announced that he was my “pinhead.” He was not amused. I was.)

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  • BW

    I had a teacher at NYU years ago for a film class, and he talked about how he had been a critic somewhere. Can’t remember where but I remember his name. He mentioned that there were multiple times he had given a review like “An amazing waste of time!” and the blurb would say “Amazing!” with his name on it. Not sure how much of an exaggeration that was, but to suggest that “real” critics are any more reliable than bloggers is pretty silly.

  • Dark Eden

    I have never known what exactly makes the opinion of a film critic any better or worse than anyone else. Watching a film is such a subjective experience that someone more of your socioeconomic background who has similar tastes is a much more accurate gauge. I’ll take that over a film critic who has never seen a french arthouse film he didn’t like and never seen an American movie he did like.

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