Another 9/11

For the first time, I decided not to go to the World Trade Center site on today’s anniversary. My wife has wondered for years why I insisted on going. I said it was to pay respect and my thanks. It is my unfuneral.

But this year the hole is, at long last — too long — filling up. This year, the place will be used to score political points — at least it will be in a fair and balanced way. This year, I’m busy with life.

And this year, I’m angry. Every year, the emotion is different. I take my own pulse on the day. That emotion is a bit more self-centered this year, probably because I’m upset that the health condition that came out of 9/11 for me continues (though I’m fine). Last night, because of the condition, I got screwed by an insurance company, which also brought forward the life-passing-before-eyes moment of seven years ago. It’s making 9/11 seem like Groundhog Day. It won’t go away.

It’s vital that we remember. That is why I went to the site for six years. But there’s no forgetting.

  • This is also the first year I didn’t go to the site. Yes, every year the feelings are different. I was angry last year. I’m angry about my ongoing health issues from inhaling the dust too. Yet, I’m rather numb.
    But there’s no forgetting.

  • Jeff, I always think of you on this day even though I did not know you in 2001. The events of that day had something to do with our getting to know each other and so like all things in live, good things do come of bad things.

    Tom Watson penned a good post on 9/11 today and I linked to it on my blog and also linked to you.

    your friend, Fred

  • I haven’t been back to the site for the ceremonies but I have and will tonight visit in the evening. Too strong of an emotion as I lived 2 blocks away and never went back. I don’t know the cause, nor do the doctors, but I spent my day in the ER at NYU Medical center not feeling right. Haven’t really felt right since that day…

    Peace friend

  • Brit

    This evening, a friend and I went to the top of the John Hancock building in Chicago, and we raised a glass to the fallen, and another to those left behind. We looked out at the incomparable city below us. We reflected on the spirit, the joy, the daring, and yes, the freedom that raises such buildings as this, shouldering the sky. We deplored the matchless evil that struck us all seven years ago. We shall never forget.

    We shall never forget.

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