A few fascinating tidbits from Jim Cramer’s interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt today:

* Google accounts for 0.7 percent of GDP, according to Goldman Sachs.
* Cramer says the ad market is $600 billion and asks whether Google could get 10 percent of that. Schmid says, “Well, we could,” and then corrects him: It’s a trillion-dollar market globally.
* Schmidt says Google will make more on mobile than on desktops because mobile is more targeted and Google targets.
* GMail outage? “Taht was a screw up. We fixed that. We’re not perfect.”
* What would Google make by adding sponsorship to its home page? “Some number of billions od dollars.” Why not do it? “People wouldn’t like it. We prioritize the end-user over the advertiser… We’re not going to sell it.”
* Google is 52 percent international revenue; Schmidt thinks it will go to 65-35.
* About getting too big: “How do we behave? Not the way Microsoft did. I would never do that.
* “I never worry about Microsoft.”