Sound the trumpets

I sent the last of my first draft of the book to my editor last night. I believe the saying is, woot. I’m headed in this morning to go over it with him for my first revision. We’re on a fast track (for book publishing): It will be out in January.

  • Congrats Jeff! You have a lot of readers who are looking forward to reading your book. Woot indeed!

  • Jeff:
    Ironic that you, the pied piper of new media, uses dead tree technology to get your point out, don’t you think?

    You have it finished and it could be out tomorrow if you posted it online. It seems that the laws of commerce haven’t caught up with the new distribution options. (Did you cover that in your book?)

  • Irony fully noted in the book. Very simple explanation: Money.

  • Congrats – although a stickler New Media copy editor would correct your exclamation to the more correct 1337speak “w00t” … or is that being too pedantic?

    As far as the dead tree vs. digital argument: Cherchez la cash, baby. The point isn’t to be all shinytech cuttingedge just for the egostroke. The point is to find a business model that works, is appropriate for the content, and reaches the intended audience when, where & how.

    That said, I’ll be able to get this on the Kindle, right?

  • Brit

    I’d like to submit that the “dead tree technology” accusation is facile, at best. Now that you have, perhaps, some free time, Mr. Jarvis, may I recommend this splendid book to you: “The Library at Night,” by Alberto Manguel. See, particularly, the chapters “The Library as Order,” and “The Library as Island.” The book is not and cannot be supplanted by the Web, and Manguel’s argument is persuasive and beautifully written.

  • w00t indeed!!!!!!!

  • Congrats. Money’s a good explanation. How you gonna sell it? (nod to Coellho).

    or do you mean money from ancillary stuff?

  • Sold it to Collins (HarperCollins); out in January.

  • Harper Collins does have an e-book div, and it would be grand if you were part of that channel. I don’t know if they “play” on the Kindle, though.

  • We all want autographed copies, but not using the virtual autographer.
    If we can’t save the ink-on-paper medium, we at least can save ink on paper — and the pens that go with them.

  • crawford

    I’m already looking forward to the darkside follow up best-seller, What would Walmart* do?

  • Congratulations, I look forward to reading it.

    From BuzzMachine:

    “The book will freeze-dry onto paper many of the ideas we explore here. And I’ll continue to explore them here as I write. I decided to approach the book/blog relationship that way, rather than putting up finished chapters and asking you to react to them. It’s more interesting and more valuable to me to have a discussion about our experiences as part of the process.”

    The ‘more valuable to me’ part makes more sense in light of your comments above ;-). Best of luck with the editing process and your heavy schedule.

  • Hi Jeff,
    I love the book and am using it for my entrepreneur/ business development seminars! Going through it for the second time and hope you don’t mind how much I dogeared it, underlined it, etc.
    It is awesome!
    Thank you so much for getting it out there!