A BBC loss

This one confuses me: Peter Barron, editor of the BBC’s flagship news program, Newsnight, where he has done by all accounts brilliant work, is leaving to work for Google — that part wouldn’t be surprising but it’s Google communications (read: PR) that he’ll be doing. I’ll be eager to see the Media Guardian explanation of this one.

  • Jeff, are you suggesting that “Don’t be evil” and public relations are mutually exclusive?

  • The BBC is a left-wing propaganda organ, and so is Google News. So it isn’t a very surprisong move. Google probably pays more.

  • I don’t think this is surprising at all. The internet is blurring the line between marketing and editorial skills – as I said in this blog post from earlier in the year


    “Bloggers, journalists, marketeers and PR people are a network, even a community who rely on each other and increasingly use the same tools and techniques.”

    Peter’s editorial skills and understanding of how journalism works make him perfect for this role. And if he wants to understand more about the internet, what better place to work?

    It’s a big blow for the BBC though. I just hope we can get him back one day!