George Carlin: Shit

Twitter was built for tributes to George Carlin. Seven words just fit.

He no longer needs a place for his stuff. Damn.

  • I loved Carlin, although my wife cringed when I watched him late at night on HBO. “Can you please turn that down,” she would always say. The kids might hear.”

    George was not a big fan of health insurance companies (especially Ohio health insurance companies) but I still thought he was incredibly funny!

    Ed Harris
    Ohio Health Insurance Plans
    Big fan of Carlin!

  • My paean to Carlin: … I went the traditional written form, although the blog post also got tweeted.

    Sometimes, y’know, you need a few words to air out what the fuck it is you want to say.

  • guess you deleted my comment cuz it had the “f” word? hmm.

    Not very Carlin-esque … unless it was caught in your spam filter or somesuch, in which case I’ll live — well I’ll live either way.

  • I didn’t delete anything; must have been caught in the tuna net.

  • Found it flopping in the net. Threw it back in the sea.

  • Poignancy, Jarvis, poignancy. Made me tear up, man. Well said.

    My take then: