High on Weeds

I’ve been inhaling the third season of Weeds on my iPod (it’s a crime to watch Mary-Louise Parker that size). On the way back from London last night, I watched four episodes in a row – which is a great way to see it. OK, every once in awhile the plot does take a Dallas-shower-scene route (Andy getting out of the Army). But gawd, I do love the thing. And I can’t get enough of Parker, queen of MILFs. It’s about enough to get me to finally subscribe to Showtime.

(Disclosures: I had an ad from Showtime on the blog when the fourth season started and they sent me third season on DVD — but I was so eager, I’d already bought it on iTunes.)

  • We’ve set the age limit for using the term MILF to 32 years of age and less.


    Just had to comment on its use here.

  • I know you are jetlagged but…try out “Turn Left”, Dr Who Series 4 aired on BBC1 this evening. And it gives you a chance to use the BBC iPlayer – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/ – TV on demand through the web which can now also be supplied direct to your TV through Virgin satellite. What integration!

  • My favorite new show. “Inhaling it” is the right metaphor.

  • Ahhh – Weeds.

    I’ve been “inhaling” Mary-Louise Parker throughout every iteration of her career. She can do no wrong and the series is brilliant. I downloaded the first season via BitTorrent as soon as it was available and have been doing so with each consecutive season thereafter – and, yes, buying them as they become available on DVD. Must have. Want. Need. Yes.

    All for medicinal purposes.


  • have to agree on the MILF part, though the first season was the best in my opinion..

  • JennyD

    Ummm, I’m older than 32, so I need to know…what is MILF?

  • Moms I’d Like to ….

    It’s not so politically incorrect as it might seem at least in this context because the product of her garden a season ago was called “MILF weed”

  • Indeed – this is a wonderful show and couldn’t be happier for its return.

    I first got hooked during the first season right after I moved and had a 90 free trial with Showtime. Before that, the network wasn’t really important to me, HBO was the must-have – and this show in particular changed that. Over time, SHO is taking over as my must-have and HBO is in second place. Secret Diaries of a Call Girl seems good so far, Dexter and Brotherhood are two of the best shows on television, not to mention Californication, This American Life, The Tudors and Sleeper Cell (which was more of a mini-series I guess).

  • Megan

    You really wrote that? and then seriously labeled it “not so politically incorrect as it might seem”?

    I’m really disappionted. I’ve been reading your blog for the past 6-8 months or so and have really enjoyed your work. It’s smart, progressive and engaging on a number of fronts including the coverage of Clinton. “Facing up to Sexism” suggested that you might actually get it. Oh well.

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  • Megan,
    Chill. It was a running season-long joke on the show. The scriptwriters wrote it.

  • Megan

    Jeff, I’m totally cool; I actually love the show. I’m less keen on an old man doing his heavy breathing in my google reader. No problem … based on your mature, thoughtful responses I’ve decided to unsubscribe.

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