Aggregating – and checking – the pundits

Hubdub, a news prediction betting marketplace, has started a cool new feature that tracks the pundits’ predictions. Punditwatch takes the predictions of prognosticators from Christ Matthews to Perez Hilton to TechCrunch and enters them into its system as if each of the guesses were a bet. Then it tracks wins and losses and gives each pundit a score.

I’ll spare you the nitpicking: Some predictions are easier than others and so they’re not all valued alike. But it’s a great guide to the crystal-ballers.

There’s a trend springing here. A former student of mine at CUNY just told me that she’s working on WhereIStand, which also aggregates the opinions of public figures and enables citizens to add theirs in a searchable data base. Here‘s the page on public figures’ opinions on public financing of campaigns (well, gee that can chance, can’t it?).

This is the web’s ability to act as a check on the prognostication market.