Tim Russert

I can’t possibly add more to the tributes to and memories of Tim Russert, except this:

Russert was a true pundit. Today, there is no more abundant resource than punditry; we all can broadcast our opinions and I celebrate that because we can hear the voices of the people. But a real pundit adds value to the conversation: perspective, facts, new viewpoints, intellectual honesty that come from research, reporting, experience, thought. Russert did that with fairness, seriousness, and joy. He always seemed to do it for the story, not the attention. All that cannot be said of another TV pundit I can name.

: Someone put up a tribute site to Russert on YouTube. Here is Conan O’Brien’s remembrance:

On Twitter, Brian Stelter pointed me to an outpouring of affection for Russert on Facebook. Here’s the wall to his fan page.