To the Personal Democracy Forum

This is the year of all years to go to the Personal Democracy Forum, coming up June 23-24 at Lincoln Center.

Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej have a great program. It’s the most amazing election year in memory. They might get a really big guest or two. It’s being held in a big, new venue, Lincoln Center. It’s two days long. And politics and the internet stand at a tipping point.

I’m honored to be included in the sessions .I’ll be moderating a panel with Jose Antonio Vargas (Washington Post), Ana Marie Cox (Time), Ben Smith (Politico) and Sarah Lai Stirland (Wired) as we talk about new coverage of elections.

Early-bird registration, with $100 off, goes to tomorrow. The first five readers who email them now at — as say Buzzmachine sent you — will get another $100 off.

How’s that for a plug?